Gardening. It’s Just Such a Good Analogy.

The summer after my junior year in college, I interned at a graphic design firm, in the marketing department. It was a firm in which my dad had consulted a few years prior and where he’d been dubbed “Analogy Man” due to his (over)use of analogies. I remember pride blooming in my chest, the image of him striding through that open office, suit jacket fluttering … Continue reading Gardening. It’s Just Such a Good Analogy.

Girl, Brush Your Teeth!

When I was a little girl and I would get a cavity, which seemed like it happened often, they were so small and shallow that the dentist would pinch the skin between my thumb and pointer finger in order to numb my tooth. Totally logical. Eventually, he got to a cavity in which his Medieval-thumb-pinching-trick didn’t work and I felt the drill hit a nerve… … Continue reading Girl, Brush Your Teeth!

Pulling the Trigger on Trigger Thumb Surgery

My right hand has had a pretty rough half-decade. It all started with tingly fingers that turned into numb fingers that turned into a numb hand. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel about five years ago… the same day that I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my lower back and bursitis in my right hip. I find it far more efficient to wait … Continue reading Pulling the Trigger on Trigger Thumb Surgery

A Morning Routine for Normal People (Part 2)

When Emma was a toddler, I bought a book called Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. It was like my Parenting Bible and I read it over and over when my girls were little. (I may need to give it another look since teenagers and toddlers have so much in common.) One of my favorite sections of the book is in the beginning when … Continue reading A Morning Routine for Normal People (Part 2)

A Morning Routine For Normal People (Part 1)

I have this vision of myself in the morning. I get up long before everyone else in my house and do all of the mindful, intentional, important morning routine things. I pour a cup of coffee (that should probably be herbal tea), then I journal (and plan my day or write about gratitude things or write whatever a mantra is), read a book (nonfiction of … Continue reading A Morning Routine For Normal People (Part 1)

Hibernation Requires Quality Entertainment.

Maybe it’s the weather. Although to be fair, we live in Atlanta, so if our friends and family from Chicago came down to visit today, it would probably feel like spring break. But even though we aren’t walking around in weather that is the same as Mt. Everest or Antarctica (seriously… Antarctica?), it is still cold. Okay… coldish. But I’m still blaming the weather for … Continue reading Hibernation Requires Quality Entertainment.

Trigger Thumbs Down

So apparently I have the thumb of a diabetic farmer with tuberculosis. I have been diagnosed with something called trigger finger… except in my case, it’s trigger thumb. This has nothing to do with an actual trigger, like on a gun. I’ve never even seen a gun in fact, let alone overused one to the point of compromising a digit. It’s the name of a … Continue reading Trigger Thumbs Down