I Was Forty-Five at the Time

I started reading essays by Erma Bombeck ten years ago, by the glow of my daughters’ nightlight during a particularly difficult time in our lives. We were moving back to Cincinnati after our overseas assignment in Italy and living with my parents, since we had sold our house the previous year. What I had imagined to be a very romantic and adventurous experience just outside … Continue reading I Was Forty-Five at the Time

A (sort of ) Serious Guide to Organizing the Pantry

I really believe that there is a spiritual transformation that takes place when you throw away fennel seeds that expired in 2012. I don’t recall buying fennel seeds. And I don’t recall ever making a recipe that would require me to use fennel seeds. And yet there I was, dumping out a jar of fennel seeds that expired in the June of 2012. We have … Continue reading A (sort of ) Serious Guide to Organizing the Pantry

I Hang Pictures Because I Love You

One of my husband’s love languages is Acts of Service. (Others include golf, tennis, beer, and Cleveland sports, but that’s not really relevant here.) You might have read the book, The 5 Love Languages? If you haven’t, a it’s good one. Essentially, there are five ways in which you show and receive love and you have a predominant type: Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words … Continue reading I Hang Pictures Because I Love You

Decluttering My Life

Ryan and I have been married for almost twenty years. We have lived in a condo in St. Louis, three houses in Cincinnati, an apartment in Italy, and two houses in Atlanta. We have moved seven times. Seven. And except for the moves to Italy and our first move to Atlanta which were corporate moves, we have packed ourselves. We have become decluttering-purging-garage-sale-masters.  And still … Continue reading Decluttering My Life