Girl, Brush Your Teeth!

When I was a little girl and I would get a cavity, which seemed like it happened often, they were so small and shallow that the dentist would pinch the skin between my thumb and pointer finger in order to numb my tooth. Totally logical. Eventually, he got to a cavity in which his Medieval-thumb-pinching-trick didn’t work and I felt the drill hit a nerve… … Continue reading Girl, Brush Your Teeth!

I Hang Pictures Because I Love You

One of my husband’s love languages is Acts of Service. (Others include golf, tennis, beer, and Cleveland sports, but that’s not really relevant here.) You might have read the book, The 5 Love Languages? If you haven’t, a it’s good one. Essentially, there are five ways in which you show and receive love and you have a predominant type: Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words … Continue reading I Hang Pictures Because I Love You

This Year, I Am Most Thankful for the Fire

Occasionally, you’ll be walking along your lovely, happy little life, whistling a tune, rocking your skinny jeans and out of the clear blue, a wall of fire will suddenly light up in front of you. (Of course, I’m speaking figuratively here… I don’t literally mean a fire. So it’s sort of the same as when my daughter says literally {as in… I am literally going … Continue reading This Year, I Am Most Thankful for the Fire