Gardening. It’s Just Such a Good Analogy.

The summer after my junior year in college, I interned at a graphic design firm, in the marketing department. It was a firm in which my dad had consulted a few years prior and where he’d been dubbed “Analogy Man” due to his (over)use of analogies. I remember pride blooming in my chest, the image of him striding through that open office, suit jacket fluttering … Continue reading Gardening. It’s Just Such a Good Analogy.

Girl, Brush Your Teeth!

When I was a little girl and I would get a cavity, which seemed like it happened often, they were so small and shallow that the dentist would pinch the skin between my thumb and pointer finger in order to numb my tooth. Totally logical. Eventually, he got to a cavity in which his Medieval-thumb-pinching-trick didn’t work and I felt the drill hit a nerve… … Continue reading Girl, Brush Your Teeth!