Pulling the Trigger on Trigger Thumb Surgery

My right hand has had a pretty rough half-decade. It all started with tingly fingers that turned into numb fingers that turned into a numb hand. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel about five years ago… the same day that I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my lower back and bursitis in my right hip. I find it far more efficient to wait … Continue reading Pulling the Trigger on Trigger Thumb Surgery

Trigger Thumbs Down

So apparently I have the thumb of a diabetic farmer with tuberculosis. I have been diagnosed with something called trigger finger… except in my case, it’s trigger thumb. This has nothing to do with an actual trigger, like on a gun. I’ve never even seen a gun in fact, let alone overused one to the point of compromising a digit. It’s the name of a … Continue reading Trigger Thumbs Down